Bazaar was held on 19th July 2009 in Tshung Tsin Secondary School. STTAA hold one stalls selling Bubble tea, herbal tea eggs, Peppers, Organic rice, rotans, cakes and Pastries. We have good sales that day because the bubble tea was selling like hot cakes that day. Total of 1372 cups were sold and all were sponsored by Cool City Bubble tea stalls. The Boss Miss Sia was there to help as well. thanks to her. A special thanks to Mr Alan who sponsor 150 kg of Organic Brown Rice. Thanks to him who contributed the sales of the stall as well.

Thanks to all committee members that were helping til the end. More than 5 new members were recruited. Welcome all new members to STTAA. The activity was deemed to be meaningful because all were co-operative. We recorded coupon sales of RM 11912. Thanks to all and hope that all alumnis will continue to support STTAA.