A bi-annual reunion has been successfully carried out under the leadership of organizing chair person Yee Shi Qin. There was 45 tables that night, and the audience were entertained by Tshung Tsin Alumnis’ entertainer. All the people involved on stage were alumnis of Sabah Tshung Tsin.

The evening kick off by singing the school anthem, it brought a lot of good memories while singing. Dinner was served then, and the stage were busy since then, “hip hop” dances, lucky draw prizes, Multi media presentation, basketball tournament prize giving ceremony, teachers spontaneous interview and the highlight was our Hakka Singer Mr Yee Tian Long, who was an alumni and recently released his own album. He brought us good 30 minutes of entertainment and the evening end with grand lucky prizes consist of Labtop, Home audio system and 42 inch TV.

The night was success due the active participation of alumnis. We donated RM 8000 from the event to ex school and the audience donated RM 6000 plus to the school. Because of this donation amount and 2008’s national elocution contest contribution to school, one of the new campus classroom will name after Sabah Tshung TSin Alumni Association. What a joy to be part of the new campus project.

Thanks to all alumnis who had played an important part in this event. May STTAA grow because of all of you !!!!