The organizing committee members visiting the Head of Arkib Federal (Sabah), Mr Shahlin bin Ali

Dear all alumnis,

Sabah tshung tsin alumni association will like to launch a project for all alumnis to join in. The time capsule project. This project has two purpose :

  1. to allow alumnis to leave something behind for the future generation, just why is also known as BLOG FOR THE FUTURE
  2. To raise funds for the Damai School Campus’s Student hostel, as it will fund the school daily expenditure once it’s completed.

The units are open for sale. RM 500 for A4 size and RM 1000 for A3 size of space. If you just like to leave notes, RM 100 per A4 paper. Acid free paper will be provided, just email to us and we will print it out for you. Rules and regulations as listed as attached. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us at 088-232643 or 012-8033800. This time capsule will be sealed on 26th March 2011. for 54 years till the school celebrate its 100th anniversary, the contents will be unsealed and will be exhibited publicly for the next generation.

This project will only carry out once in a lifetime from STTAA, please do not hesitate to join in this project and leave a foot print for the next generation. Do find us at facebook as well: Sabah Tshung Tsin Alumni Association