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Sabah Tshung Tsin Alumni Association


– To improve the local 3on3 basketball standard

– To promote the sport, basketball

– To promote the fellowship between Sabah Tshung Tsin Alumni


First day : 26 October 2012 (Friday)

Final day : 28 October 2012 (Sunday)

-The organizer will inform all participating teams if there are any changes on the competition date


Sabah Tshung Tsin Secondary School basketball court

Registration period

3 October 2012 (Wednesday) until 20 October 2012 (Saturday)

Application Procedure

-Group A,B *must complete the registration form, including a photocopied IC of the 3 players and passport photo

-Group C * must complete the registration form, including a photocopied IC of the 3 players, passport photo and supporting document (Graduation Certificate, PMR, SPM, UEC, exam slip results or  STTSS student card)

-Failure to complete the registration form will be DISQUALIFIED

NO registration through PHONE


  • Group A (Boys, Girls Under 15)
  • Group B (Boys, Girls Under 18)
  • Group C (Boys, Girls Tshung Tsin Alumni Open)
  • Each team can ONLY have 1 Sabah / Malaysia player (player from 2007 to the present time)

Player Qulifications                                                                                                                                       

-Group A ( born on or after 1 January 1997)

-Group B ( born on or after 1 January 1994)

-Group C ( only ex-Sabah Tshung Tsin Secondary School students, in the age range of 19 and above are eligible to join this group)

-Players can only join 1 team and 1 category.

To obtain form

-Sabah Tshung Tsin Secondary School Guard house ( download is allowed)

Game System

-Preliminary rounds (Grouping System)

-Quarter finals, Semi finals and Final (Elimination System)

Tournament Awards for Group A,B and C

Champion: RM400 Cash+ 1 Trophy + 3 Medals + 3 Certificates
1st Runner-Up: RM250 Cash + 3 Medals + 3 Certificates
2nd Runner-Up: RM150 Cash + 3 Medals + 3 Certificates

Please be reminded that the organizers have the rights to disband any team who display any major undisciplined act.


Any enquiries please contact the following numbers,
Roger             016-8373381
Nalvin            014-3711070
Jonathan       017-8989775



  1. Registration fee will be RM60.00 per team.
  2. Teams should arrive 15 minutes prior to their respective match schedule. All team members must be present and latecomers will only be given a 5-minute grace period from the scheduled match time. Once the grace period expires, the game will be declared forfeited.
  3. Teams have to wear t-shirts, jerseys or singlets of the same colour. Coloured vest will be provided and must be returned immediately after a match.
  4. Participants must wear sport shoes. No hand band or accessories of any sort are allowed during a match.
  5. Each game is 8 minutes in duration.
  6. Only one clock is to be used for all courts and the game will commence under the supervisor’s whistle. The master clock will not pause or delay and there are no time outs allowed.
  7. The match will only use half the boundaries of a full sized basketball court. Within the centre court line to the boundaries of a single hoop.
  8. A coin flip prior to the game will determine which team will hold the first possession.
  9. The team conceded a basket would earn possession at the start of the next play.
  10. Once the possession of the ball is lost to the opposing team through a defensive rebound, steal or etc, the ball has to first be cleared out of the 3 point line by the team in current possession of the ball before attempting a basket.
  11. After a basket, foul or out of bounds play, the team with possession will start the ball behind the 3 point line from the centre.
  12. Baskets made inside the 3 point line will score 2 points and baskets away from the 3 point line will score 3 points.
  13. There will be no jump ball rule applied to the game when two players from both team are clinching on to the ball for a period of time. The referee will stop play and determine which team deserves possession on the restart.
  14. If time runs out and both team scores are the same (draw), then a free-shot shoot out will determine the team that will advance as victors. The rules of the shoot out will require all members from both team to take a free-shot and if the first team scores and the second team misses immediately after, the shoot out will then go to the first team.
  15. Teams will not be awarded a free shot penalty when suffered any sort of foul play.
  16. Harassing officials will result in immediate disqualification without warning.
  17. The Sabah Tshung Tsin Alumni Association will not hold any responsibilities towards any accidents or injuries during the course of this competition. First aid kit and medical aids will be provided throughout the competition.

Download Basketball registration form