Thank you all for coming today.

Today we celebrate our shared past: Tshung Tsin is our alma mater. We all born and bred here, as “TshungTsinRen”.

Today we gather to celebrate our special bond as 5 decades has past, with 5 generations of alumni amongst us.

As we anticipate a new year dawning: let us create and build a future together, with endless possibilities and potentials.

I’m excited to serve as new chairperson. I pledge simply to serve you all and our association honourably.

First of all, I propose a vote of thanks to the visionary founders and pioneers, principals and teachers, in past and present, for their life commitment, and continual effort in making TshungTsin, a reputable_amongst the best school in the state and country. The sons and daughters of TshungTsin, excel academically, and with strong spirit to be great citizens in the society. We have characters of responsibility, integrity, honesty, and humility.

Our deepest admiration and appreciation to our forefathers, to establish this chinese school, and persevere to sustain her renaissance/revival til today. The achievements of our alumni in society today, spans every field of business, industry, and professions, both public and private, within and beyond this land.

We bear testimony to the spirit of our forefathers to overcome the odds, to thrive in adversity, to build our society, our country and even beyond.

To Shau Lun and outgoing committee, on behalf of our alumni, sincere thanks for your excellent job. You raise the benchmark, to a higher standard for us to keep up! We will do our best, to raise the bar in next 2 years.

Together we achieve more. I believe the incoming committee will work closely to uplift our alumni, and association to greater heights. We shall plan series of programmes to ensure continuous knowledge-skill development for our alumni through special training courses/ workshops.

Our teachers who are honoured as the architect of soul will be given constant training too as this is one of the priorities in the strategy planning portfolio not to mention to protect the interest of the teachers after they have retired.

Today STTAA has remarkably made a history that not only the senior alumni but the young alumni who are willing to serve in the association despite the fact that they have just started in their career.

“ Rome is not built in a day”.  The incoming committee, sub-committees and the coordinators for various interest groups are committed to be the agents of change for the alumni, school and the society .

We will work on the financial structure, remuneration and reward structure for the alumni and teachers.

A trust fund will be set up to provide scholarship for deserving students.  We will organize workshop and courses that will bring change to lives.

For instance, the Agricultural Club which was recently started by the Agricultural Interest group will teach the students not only how to plant  an oil palm tree but also what can they do with the seeds.  “No man in an island”.  We are also committed to work as a team because we are one body. Just like the eye cannot say to the hand “I don’t need you!” and the head cannot say to the feet, “I don’t need you!”, there should be no division in the body but that its parts should have equal concern for each other.”  We are here to serve and not to be served.

With this I wish you a blessed and prosperous Chinese New Year.







有道是:“罗马不是一天建成的”,所有的成功并非一蹴而就,还得靠团队所有人的鼎力合作,方能成功。今所有新任执委都将受委“兴趣组”(Interest Group)协调人,我们将致力于以各种形式协助校友,如:我们将设一个基金会帮忙在经济上有困难的学弟学妹们。此外,我们也将会办课程,致力于让学弟学妹们开拓视野,改变未来命运,如由Agricultural兴趣组成立的”Agricultural Club”就致力于指导学弟学妹们有关农业知识,除指导如何种植棕油外,也指导种子的用途。“没有人是一座孤岛”,这是一句耳熟能详的谚语,我们是一个团队,我们是一体的,基于对母校的热忱,我们将与母校共进退!正如一只眼不能对手说:“我不需要你!”,头也不能对脚说:“我不需要你!“,我们将致力于为母校服务。