An hour free talk on “Active Listening” for more effective parenting!

Date : 13th June, Saturday
Time : 2pm
Venue : SabahTshung Tsin Secondary School,
Co-curriculum Building, 1st Floor, Room 201
(Canteen 1st Floor )

Presented by:
Ms. Jenny Hofmann,
P.E.T Certified Instructor

Please register by just calling in to STTAA Secretary, Ms. Gloria at 088-232 643 or 018-960 8190
In the one hour free talk on ‘Active Listening’ (积极倾听) the instructor will share about a paradigm shift in your parenthood on HOW TO LISTEN so children (including your teenagers) WILL TALK TO YOU.

Active Listening is one of the most EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION TOOLS which can surely improve your parenting skills.

Active Listening involves TWO ACTIVE PARTIES.

During the talk the instructor will share HOW parents listen ACTIVELY, WHAT ATTITUDES required so that parents can make Active Listening work and WHEN does a parent decide to use Active Listening.

The instructor will also share about the common mistakes in using Active Listening.
06-12 An hour free talk on Active Listening for more effective parenting