Registration date has been extended to 30th July 2015 for the following Events all held on 2nd August 2015!

1. Reception Hall visit from 9.30am-1.30pm
– website launching
– guided tour to Heritage Hall, Agricultural Farm and New Hostel
– gatherings with teachers/retired teachers
– photobooth look-alike contest
*Refreshments will be provided. Register now to avoid disappointment.

-followed by-

2. 1-hour visit to Gleneagles KK at 2.00pm
(departs from STTSS at 2.00pm or you may come meet us at Gleneagles KK)

-followed by-

3. Sunset Dinner at Borneo Reef World at 4.00pm-8.30pm
(Meeting point at Jesselton Jetty at 4:00pm) only at:
RM130.00 for adults (aged 19 & above)
RM120.00 for students (aged 12-18)
RM 90.00 for children (aged 3-11)

Images: Borneo Reef Sunset Dinner

Please note that you may park your vehicles at the Likas Complex carpark and free shuttle bus service between Complex (carpark) and STTSS is available from 8.00am to 2.00pm. There will be car attendants at the Complex (carpark).

We are providing transport for tours outside STTSS, route:
STTSS (departs at 2pm) – Gleneagles KK (departs at 3.30pm) – Borneo Reef World, Jesselton Point (departs at 8.00pm) – STTSS

Don’t miss it!!!