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We have all heard of “menopause” but probably not all of us are aware of what it really entails. I for one and shame to say being a rather ignorant woman, got to know a little bit more on the subject only after the talk last Sat by Dr Cheong Yee Tsing at a talk organised by the Health Interest Group of STTAA.

Dr Cheong’s lively presentation was clear, easy to follow and concise and I personally thought it was very good as it had provided us with a good base to lead us to explore more on the topic in due course. Questions raised by a few alumni during the Q&A at the end of the session were also dealt with expertly.

The informative talk by dietician Ms Beh, an invited guest speaker that followed had also created a lot of interest and awareness among the alumni. We now know what a healthy and balanced meal is like, meaning the composition and portion size of rice, protein and fruit and veg etc. as well as our daily allowed calories.

It was an eye-opener for some of us when Ms Beh showed us the calories of a few of our very much loved and popular local dishes of noodles and rice including roti canai. From the responses and eagerly asked questions from the audience I could see that everyone was engaging and the talk sure was helpful to set most of us on the right track to be more conscious of our health in terms of our diet as well as the exercise we ought to do.

I enjoyed both of the presentations and I appreciated the effort by the STTAA Interest Group in organising it. I hope there will be more talks and presentation of this nature in the future and also that the events are better and more widely promoted to encourage bigger audience. Gaining knowledge is one thing, it is also joyful when we can take advantage of events such as this to catch up with some old friends and to meet a few new ones.

Evon Foo Von Lee 傅婉妮, Sr. 3 Chung 1986