Datuk Chang Yu On Education Fund 拿督郑佑安教育基金

This Fund is set up to commemorate the contribution of the late principal Datuk Chang Yu On to education. The first objective is to support deserving Sabah Tshung Tsin Secondary School’s students in the pursuit of their educational aspirations. The second objective is to support our alma mater’s endeavour in pursuing educational excellence.

The Fund will be administered by a selected committee of which its members are appointed during the Association’s Annual General Meeting for a specified term.

Any alumni who wish to contribute in the establishment of the Datuk Chang Yu On Education Fund, please kindly contact us.

​拿督郑佑安教育基金之成立乃为了纪念已故拿督郑佑安校长对于教育之奉献与贡献。其目的是向有需要并符合资格之沙巴崇正中学的在籍学生提供他们进修学业所需的财务协助,帮助他们实现梦想, 同时也资助母校在追求卓越教育方面的努力。​