Give to STTSS​ 回馈母校

The Sabah Tshung Tsin Secondary School is a private non profit-making secondary school. Therefore, all its operational and capital expenditure is dependent entirely on fees collected and public donations. The School’s needs vary from new buildings, maintenance, equipment to operational expenses. There may also be requirement for teacher’s training and welfare. As for students there is also the Bursary Fund available for those who need financial assistance. In short, both monetary donations and gifts in kind are all welcome.​

​If any alumni is interested to know more about giving to STTSS, please contact the Principal’s office for more details.​

Tel: (60) 18-960 8190​

沙巴崇正中学是一所非盈利的独立中学。因此,所有的运营和资本支出完全依赖于收取的费用及公众捐款。学校在建设新建筑,维修,设备运营成本等方面有各类的资金需求; 此外,还有教师的培训和福利的方面的支出。以及为那些需要财政援助的学生所提供的助学金等。有鉴于此, 校方对任何金钱或实物捐赠都是无任欢迎的。​


联系电话: (60) 16-860 8190​