Join Us Today!加入校友会,成为一份子!

  1. All sound and competent person age 18 and above who have studied in Sabah Tshung Tsin Secondary School for at least one year are entitled to join as STTAA Member.
  2. There is an entrance fee of Rm10 and one time subscription of Rm90 for Life Membership.
  3. To join STTAA, simple download the application form here and email the filled form to [email protected] OR Fill in the Online Application Membership Form. You may also pick up the application form or deliver the filled application form from / to STTAA Executive Secretary Office.
  4. Every applicant whose application has been approved, upon payment of entrance fee and one time lump sum subscription shall be entitled to all privileges of membership.
  5. For further information about STTAA membership, please kindly refer to STTAA Constitution.

Becoming a Sabah Tshung Tsin Alumni Association (STTAA) Member is now easier than ever!!!

Introducing the new Online Application Membership Form to ease the process of signing up as our member.

Two obvious advantages:

  1. You can do it anywhere and anytime.
  2. You don’t have to meet any one of us personally.

Step-by-step application:

  1. Click the link:
  2. Fill up the form
  3. Under the column “recommendation” write down the name of one of the committee member
  4. Do an online banking with payment of RM100 to STTAA UOB bank account. Bank account name: Sabah Tshung Tsin Alumni Association. Bank account number: 1563024491
  5. Screenshot the payment and send back to that particular committee member.
  6. STTAA secretary will be in touch with you to handover the official receipt and membership card. Note: According to STTAA Constitution all new members must be approved during the Committee meeting, and currently the committee usually meet at the end of every month.

Become of our member today and start enjoying a list of privileges!!!

Below link is the benefit for members :

  1. 举凡年届18岁或以上,曾于沙巴崇正中学上学至少一年者均有资格成为本会会员。​
  2. 缴付入会费RM 10(马币拾令吉)及一次性收费RM 90(马币玖拾令吉)以成为本会永久会员。​
  3. 欲加入成为会员,还请于此下载申请入会表格,填写后电邮至  [email protected] 或填写全新的“网上会员申请表格”。您也可到沙巴崇正校友会执行秘书处领取 / 呈交申请入会表格。​
  4. 凡申请受批准,且已缴付所有费用者可享有会员福利。​
  5. 欲知更多有关会员细节,还请参阅沙巴崇正校友会章程



– 您可以随时随地填写及呈交会员申请表格。
– 您不必亲自把表格或会费交给校友会执委或秘书处。


2. 填写网上表格
4.向沙巴崇正校友会UOB银行账户支付RM100 会费。账户:Sabah Tshung Tsin Alumni Association。账号: 1563024491。
6. 校友会秘书处会和您联系以安排转交会费收据和会员卡事宜。注:根据章程每位新会员必须经执委会开会通过后方能成为正式会员,而目前执委会的会议基本上是安排在每个月的月底进行。



Bank : UOB
Account Name: Sabah Tshung Tsin Alumni Association
Account Number: 1563024491