T.A.M.U (Tshung Tsin Alumni Monthly ReUnion 崇正校友每月聚会)

“T.A.M.U.” (stands for Tshung tsin Alumni Monthly reUnion) is a monthly networking event where Tshung Tsin alumni from all walks of life come to meet, exchange ideas, products and services, as well as all sort of opportunities.​ Typically it will be held on the last Friday of every month from 17:30 to around 20:30, often with invited speakers to share valuable information on wide range of topics which are useful for alumni.​

​​All alumni are welcome to “ride” on this monthly event for your own class, batch or interest group gathering / reunion.​​

​​For the schedule of our upcoming T.A.M.U., please kindly refer to our Events Calendar.​

​Restaurants  and Café outlets that wish to host our future T.A.M.U. event are welcome to contact us.​

​Alumni who have any good suggestion on how to make future T.A.M.U. event more interesting are welcome to contact us.​

T.A.M.U. (崇正校友每月聚会) 是每月举办一次的校友聚会活动,主要是让各行各业的校友们能有一个固定的平台互相认识,交流意见,分享讯息与商机。一般活动会安排在每个月的最后一个星期五晚上,从17:30开始至20:30结束,同时也会邀请嘉宾分享一些对校友有帮助的讯息。​