The Sabah Tshung Tsin Alumni Association Mission Statement: 4C “Connect, Collaborate, Contribute, Change”
沙巴崇正校友会的使命:4C “Connect (结缘),Collaborate (互助),Contribute (回馈),Change (变化)”

Since its founding in 1965 it is estimated that more than ten thousand students have graduated from Sabah Tshung Tsin Secondary School. Today we have graduates of all ages spanning five decades, traversing all walks of life, striving and excelling in their chosen field and vocation. Evidence of the values and ethics grounded at school can be seen as our graduates make a positive difference in their own sphere of work, community and family. Naturally, with time constraints this same dedication to life and work would mean that the full benefit of the alumni network may not be realised. While it is common to socialize with old classmates, a closer examination will show that the strength of our network extends beyond our peers and our own locality.

The objective of STTAA are three folds. Firstly, it is to forge better fellowship among its alumni. Secondly, it is to assist in the development of the School. Thirdly, it is to give back to the society. Throughout its 35 years STTAA has been trying to develop an optimal model that will harness the potential of its vast network and achieve its three objectives. In order to do so STTAA must first communicate these in a clear and relevant manner. As such, with its purpose and Constitution as foundation the 18th STTAA Committee devised the simple acronym ‘4C’ to represent its mission statement.

The STTAA Statement : 4C

Connect :
• To build the alumni network
• To foster better fellowship

Collaborate :
• To facilitate collaboration among alumni
• To facilitate collaboration between alumni and students

Contribute :
• To contribute back to School and teachers
• To contribute back to the society

Change :
• To bring about positive change towards various vocations and different spheres of life
• To create better community

The 4C does not merely describe four unconnected operatives, rather they are interrelated and arranged in a progressive order. Firstly, an alumnus needs to Connect to get acquainted with other alumni and enjoy each other’s fellowship. Gradually such relationships progress on to Collaborate in areas of opportunity and support in times of need. Such interactions would ideally cut across all age groups, vocation and national borders. When instances of cooperation increases, the relevance and benefits of the alumni network will be self-evident. Success begets success, when the accumulation of activities within the alumni network reaches a tipping point culminating in a virtuous circle, then the alumni network would have gathered enough strength to sustain its momentum.

As individuals our abilities may be limited, whereas as a collective much can be achieved. Be it assisting our teachers, our School or the society at large. Ultimately, it is hoped that through its circle of influence STTAA and its network of alumni can act as a mediator and coordinator matching solutions to various needs. Once this role can consistently and effectively fulfilled in all walks of life the result will be a better environment and a more prosperous community.

The Sabah Tshung Tsin Secondary School was built on the aspirations and hard work of our forebears. It was their intention to not only provide education for their children alone but also to create a brighter future for generations to come. Today we bear this burden and responsibility. Together, let us make them proud.

Awesome Alumni, Great Community.


崇正校友会作为一个推动崇正校友事务的平台,一向来以促进校友之间的联谊,协助母校发展及回馈社会为己任;其多年来也在不断地寻找更为优化的发展模式以充分发挥崇正校友网络的巨大潜能。而其中至为关键的一点,就是让校友们深刻认识到崇正校友人脉及崇正校友会的价值,使其找到积极和其他校友建立联系,保持互动的动力,并因而愿意并热切希望参与校友会的活动,规划与发展。有鉴于此, 崇正校友会第十八届理事会在崇正校友会章程与宗旨的基础上,拟定了以下简称为“4C”的崇正校友会使命宣言,以深入浅出,易懂易记的方式来进一步宣扬及推广崇正校友会宗旨以及崇正校友人脉的价值。


Connect / 结缘:
• 建立人脉
• 交流联谊

Collaborate / 互助:
• 校友与校友之间互助
• 校友与学弟学妹之间互助

Contribute / 回馈:
• 校友回馈母校与师长
• 校友回馈社会

Change / 变化:
• 各行业,各领域更兴旺的生态环境
• 更美好的社会

其实“4C”所阐述的不单只是崇正校友会成立的初衷与宗旨,其顺序排列更隐含了校友会稳健发展的自然规律与原则。首先校友之间必须先有机会结缘 (Connect),相互认识,交流联谊,在有了基本情感基础后,才会有动力开始互助(Collaborate),分享机会,分担困难,甚至创造许多跨年龄层,跨领域及跨区域的双赢或多赢机会,逐渐把崇正校友网络的巨大潜力更具体地体现出来。成功案例的增多将吸引更多各地各行各业的校友贤才闻风而至,量变必然引起质变,而群聚效应最终将带来可持续性的良性循环,为校友会长期发展提供源源不绝的动力。当校友人脉累积到了一个相当的程度,就能更有效更系统化的回馈 (Contribute) 师长,母校与社会;其最终理想是希望通过整合和协调崇正校友广泛的人脉关系和其环环相扣的影响圈,持续不断地,更高效地为各行业各领域带来积极正面,可持续性的变化 (Change), 携手共同建设更兴旺的生态环境和更美好的社会,使前辈先贤们千辛万苦创办经营沙巴崇正中学的所有努力获得更完美完整且生生不息的循环。