Privilege Discount Programme (PDP) 特殊优惠计划

PDP is a special programme created and administrated by STTAA, so that STTAA members will be able to enjoy special privileges and discounts with STTAA membership card at the affiliated outlets.


  • To provide direct and tangible economic benefit in the form of privilege discounts and promotions to all STTAA members while they consume in the retail outlets (collectively “Outlets”);
  • To serve as a preferred choice of tagged-along marketing and promotional channel for the Outlets which have decided to participate in the PDP.
  • To attract more alumni to join STTAA

Here is the latest list of participated Outlets.

Outlets that are interested to participate in the PDP may contact us.



  • 为沙巴崇正校友会的会员在指定零售网点(以下统称“优惠商家”)消费时提供直接并有切实经济利益的特殊优惠​
  • 让PDP成为那些参与PDP计划的优惠商家首选的营销和推广渠道​
  • 吸引更多的校友加入沙巴崇正校友会​