On 27th March 2015 at 1;30p.m. at the Cheque Presentation Ceremony, I have witnessed a historical event that marks a milestone 50th anniversary for STTSS. STTSS received a huge sum of donation of RM1.6 million from Lee Foundation for the funding of the New Student Hostels. Lee Foundation is a charitable foundation in Singapore which was founded in 1952 by Mr. Lee Kong Chian. Since its creation, the Foundation donated S$ 400 million to various schools and universities. On 5 Jan 2011, the Foundation donated S$150 million to the Nanyang Technological University Medical School.

The Chairman of STTSS BoG has expressly thank and extremely touched by the generous donation by Lee Foundation which was represented by Datuk Lee Zheng Zuen.

When our school anthem was sung, I was astonished by the true patriot love demonstrated by all the students and all invited guests received warm welcome from the school teachers and students.

“Nothing we do changes the past – everything we do changes the future.”

Serena Liew